The Complete MATLAB Course: Beginner to Advanced!

  • Posted on: 20 February 2017
  • By: matlab

Time Stamps
00:51 What is Matlab, how to download Matlab, and where to find help
07:52 Introduction to the Matlab basic syntax, command window, and working directory
18:35 Basic matrix arithmetic in Matlab including an overview of different operators
27:30 Learn the built in functions and constants and how to write your own functions
42:20 Solving linear equations using Matlab
53:33 For loops, while loops, and if statements
1:09:15 Exploring different types of data
1:20:27 Plotting data using the Fibonacci Sequence

Matlab 2016 – Matlab Programming Tutorial for Beginners: Quick Start

  • Posted on: 19 February 2017
  • By: matlab

Matlab 2016 is used by Lots of engineers and scientists worldwide to evaluate and plan the systems and products transforming our world.
Matlab is the easiest and most creative software environment for engineers and scientists.
MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-standard mathematical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language. It is a tool for doing mathematical calculations with matrices and vectors. 

Impulse Response: Is it just response to impulse

  • Posted on: 11 October 2012
  • By: Anand
Hey All

After a long delay finally a post!! Today we will see why Impulse response is so important while rare cases are those where we will actually feed the impulse as input. We will take discreet LTI systems here for the understanding. While most of the things are true for continuous LTI systems too. There are some prerequisite for better understanding which I hope you all already know about. Here are they:
1. Discreet Time Fourier Transform \(X(e^{j\omega})\)
2. LTI - Linear Time Invariant Systems

Median Filtering using MATLAB

  • Posted on: 30 December 2011
  • By: Anand
In this blog we will learn how we can do a time domain filtering for an image. We will consider median filtering for this example. We will see two methods - first one is the iterative methhod which is time consumingg. Second methods uses matlab's vectorization and performs well.

Example Image
For this blog, we will take a very short image to understand how filtering is being done. Our sample image is shown in Fig1 (7x7).

Multi-variate Model Fitting using Taylor Series Method

  • Posted on: 16 December 2011
  • By: Anand
In the previous example, we have learnt how to calculate a singlevariate model using a taylor series method when no knowledge about form of relation is known between input and output. This example will extend the same using iterative application of singlevariate model fitting.

We will consider a bivariate model and same can be easily generalized for higher dimensions.

Getting Started with Simulink: Simple Power calculations

  • Posted on: 30 October 2011
  • By: Anand
Getting Started with Simulink: Simple Power calculations

In this small example, we will calculate the instantaneous power along with average rms power and voltage using simulink when equation of V and I are given.

if v(t)=10cos(120πt+30) and i(t)=6cos(120πt+60).Determine the average power and rms value of v(t).